Kelapa products are 100% natural (plant based) and are made with organic ingredients certified by ‘Australian Certified Organic’. Nature has provided us with a wealth of beautifully gentle and nourishing oils, and it’s these we base our products on.

Now more than ever people are choosing organic products to avoid harsh chemical additives in both food, and beauty. Kelapa’s Organic Skin & Hair care products proudly carry the Australian Certified Organic ‘bud’ logo. This logo is widely recognised and is a respected symbol of integrity for you, the consumer.

Some of the reasons why we choose organic ingredients:

  1. Trust.
  2. Healthier.
  3. Organic Ingredients have an affinity with the body.
  4. Organic from start to finish. From seed to extraction. No Chemicals.
  5. Looking after the environment – prohibits use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides.
  6. Created without synthetic colorings, preservatives, additives or GM ingredients.