The choice to be certified

Organic, much like the terms ‘natural’ or ‘raw’, has become a buzzword adopted by marketing and social media that’s regretfully lost it’s meaning. What it means to be organic –pure, concentrated and untouched – is now as diluted as the many skincare brands claiming its attributes.

How do you know whether the skincare brand you’re using is truly organic? You choose a certified organic brand or product, like those created by Kelapa Organics.

Proudly carrying the Australian Certified Organic Standard logo, widely recognised and respected as a symbol of integrity for consumers, Kelapa skincare products are 100% natural and created from plant-based ingredients grown exactly as nature intended.

Nature has provided us with a wealth of beautifully nourishing oils that closely match our skin’s chemical makeup. It’s this affinity, the basis of our brand, that allows plant-based ingredients to deeply penetrate the skin and replenish its moisture and oxygen levels.

The decision to ethically pursue organic certification came as organically to us as the natural ingredients we feature in our products. We pride ourselves on adhering to the strict guidelines of the Australian Certified Organic Standard because of the powerful skin benefits these ingredients contain.

Grown in environmentally friendly practices – without the use of harmful pesticides, genetic modification or animal testing – the concentration of actives and antioxidants in organic certified ingredients is to a non-certified ingredient what a freshly brewed espresso is to heavily processed instant coffee.

For healthy skin that glows from the inside out, we advocate the efficacy of choosing certified organic skincare. Look out for the certified logo when shopping and be sure to steer clear of buzzwords. The only thing buzzing at Kelapa are the bees that hover over our ingredients being harvested.

Shop our certified organic products now!

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