Slip, slop, slap our SPF on ya!

Nobody does gorgeous sunny days and beautiful balmy nights quite like the great southern land that Kelapa was born in. But one thing’s for sure, when it comes to summer down under, the sun can be a scorcher!


The Cancer Council reports that Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world despite the disease being highly preventable. Fortunately, being sun smart is a simple, and using a broad spectrum sunscreen like our SPF15 Face Moisturiser is one of the most effective ways to reduce your risk of skin cancer and sun damage.


Sitting on top of the skin, rather than clogging your pores, our all-natural sunscreen bounces UVA and UVB light out of harmful sight and is fast becoming a staple in every Aussie girl’s beach bags.


Reflecting the sun’s rays the all-natural way, our unique clear zinc formula glides effortlessly over the skin thanks to the lipid loving jojoba oil and calms irritation from the sun simultaneously with the healing properties of aloe vera.


Unlike many all-natural formulations that quite literally mask the skin with their thick consistencies, our SPF15 Face Moisturiser provides a thin, non-greasy veil of protection over the skin which doubles as a makeup primer. Free from nano particles and the chemical nasties contained within traditional sunscreens, it’s also suitable for all skin types thanks to our inclusion of certified organic coconut oil.


Forget frying your skin and baking in oil at the beach like yesteryear, the coconut oil found in our all-natural formulation replicates your skin’s built-in moisturiser (sebum) to keep skin plump and supple. Combined with natural zinc oxide to defend against sun damage, our certified organic coconut oil replenishes vital hydration you lose through perspiration that can leave skin looking dry, dull and prone to premature ageing.


An SPF formulation that prevents sun damage and keeps your looking youthful? A trip to the beach would simply be silly without it!


Lucky for all you Kelapa lovers, we’ve just received a trusty new batch of beautiful tubes! So, what are you waiting for? Your skin this summer is counting on you …

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