Australian Native Extracts

Why we use (and absolutely love!) Australian Native Extracts...

Australian native extracts are some of the most exciting ingredients to be available for the skin care manufacturers in recent times. Grown and manufactured here in Australia using ground-breaking scientific research, native plant extracts retain and possess unique and beneficial properties invaluable for both skin and hair care.

Australia has an incredibly diverse environment from the tropical rainforests of Queensland to the harsh inland desert climates, each imparting specific benefits into the plant extracts.

Some of the broader beneficial properties of Australian extracts are:
• Very high levels of Vitamin C  (such as Kakadu Plum).
• Protective against harsh environmental factors.
• Anti ageing qualities.
• Antioxidant qualities.
• Hydrating qualities.
• Stimulates production of collagen
• Anti inflammatory qualities.

Kelapa Organics is proudly Australian Made and owned so we are delighted to be able to use and offer these beautiful and effective home grown extracts to further enhance our beautiful little skin care range.

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