About Us

Kelapa Organics is a premium range of skin care products based on the amazing pure and raw ingredients that nature has provided us with. Years of naturopathy studies have gone into our formulas, and with the collaboration of our incredible cosmetic scientist, we are able to offer a beautiful range of products that even those with the most sensitive skin are able to feel comfortable with.

Several of our family members have in the past suffered from the distressing effects of skin sensitivities and various skin conditions, so our motivation and passion has always been to provide the most natural, healing and soothing skin care products possible. This is really how Kelapa Organics was born.

We seek to provide a healthy and natural alternative to those products which are chemical and synthetic based. We believe in simple, easy to understand formulas rather than long complex formulas with questionable ingredients. After all your skin is your largest organ, you may as well look after it with only the most natural, nourishing, ingredients that nature has provided us!

We hope you can join us on our journey to wellness and clean beauty!

Love life, love yourself with Kelapa Organics.

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