Why we are nuts for coconuts!

If you enjoyed soaking up the sun prior to the rise of Sun Smart campaigns, the thought of coconut oil presumably fills you with unpleasant memories of bronze, shiny bodied beachgoers and budgie-smuggler clad men with the leather-like skin of a Louis Vuitton handbag.

No doubt you’ve avoided coconut oil at all costs since then, however Kelapa Organics would like to reintroduce you to what we (and those similarly going loco for coco) consider to be the world’s most moisturising and age-defying ingredient.

With the coconut palm referred to as ‘the tree of life’, island cultures have long been privy to the skin secret that is Coconut Oil. Used for centuries to improve the health of both skin and hair, when we too discovered the oil’s incredible properties we thought it only fair to name our organic brand after the humble ‘kelapa’ – Indonesian for ‘coconut’.

Exceptionally moisturising, without feeling oily or greasy on the skin, Coconut Oil is easily absorbed by our skin as it has a similar molecular structure to sebum (your skin’s natural oil). This natural affinity that Coconut Oil has with the skin assists in its ability to protect it, forming an emollient barrier that helps fight pollution and antioxidant damage.

With hundreds of uses and benefits, incorporating Coconut Oil in our range takes our products from being beautiful to therapeutical. Coconut Oil has anti-fungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that can assist with skin conditions such as psoriasis, dermatitis and eczema.

At Kelapa Organics, we pride ourselves on using Certified Organic Coconut Oil in our unique formulations. We use a heat-free and chemical-free process to ensure our Coconut Oil is as pure as they come and packed with maximum nutrition for the skin. Exceptionally moisturising, our Coconut Oil also has a very high moisture capacity without feeling oily or greasy.

With hundreds of uses and healing properties, we could champion the benefits of Coconut Oil (used in our entire range of skin, hair and baby products) until the cows – or coconuts – come home.

Interested in learning why we, and the legion of Kelapa Organics lovers, are nuts about all things coconut? Shop our range of certified organic coconut oil products now to find out!

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