Mother knows best

The idea of a skincare brand having maternal figures doesn’t come to mind for most. Bottles, lids and serum pipettes scream of a laboratory, not a labour suite, however Kelapa owes its birth rite to two very special women – mother’s in fact.

The first woman Kelapa owes much of its success to is the developer of our formulations. When the founder of Kelapa was in search of an all-natural solution to cure his eczema and psoriasis, the natural choice was to turn to his mum who was passionate about naturopathy and healing power of plants.

Not only was she able to create a plant-based cream to cure her son’s skin conditions, she created an entire range inspired by the beauty and wisdom of the second nurturer our brand owes its existence to – Mother Nature.

Mother Nature was one clever lady indeed. Not only did she bring to life wonderful fruits, flowers and plants for us to consume and admire, she created them with a unique and incomparable affinity to our skin. Rather than be swayed by synthetic ingredients that have been developed since her reign (designed to ‘glide’ and feel ‘silky smooth’, no matter the environmental cost), we prefer to look after the skin the old fashion way – with nature, just as she intended.

Sourcing certified organic coconut oil is just one example that demonstrates our dedication to using all natural ingredients and honouring what nature has provided us with.

With the same molecular structure as human sebum (skin’s inbuilt moisturiser), unrefined coconut oil like ours is immediately recognised by the skin. This synergy allows coconut oil – and therefore, our products – to penetrate the skin and deliver vital nutrients and hydration that’s lost as we age or encounter harsh environmental elements. While refined oils, or synthetic equivalents, can replicate the delicious smell of coconuts that Mother Nature created, it’s only organic coconut oil like ours that is at harmony with the skin.

Another reason we choose to celebrate natural ingredients is the desire to create a range suitable for all skin types. While some are fortunate enough to escape irritation that can ensue from enveloping the skin in man-made substances, we longed to create a range that was both earth and skin friendly, gentle enough to be used by all ages and skin types.

They say that ‘mother knows best’, and when it comes to Kelapa, truer words have never been spoken …

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