Introducing the all new Kelapa Airless Bottles!

Here at Kelapa, we’re firm believers in evolving. Just as our product range has grown over time, our skincare ideas have grown too … including how we package our products!


Introducing our new airless pump packaging, as featured here on our new-look Face Moisturiser and Night Cream!


Stylish and easy-to-use, maximise every last drop of your favourite face creams – all the while enjoying a sleek new design. Here are some of the reasons you’ll love the switch…


Pump bottles allow you to keep your beautiful face bacteria-free. Especially when using skincare designed for the face, hygiene is of utmost importance to keep the formula (and your skin!) looking fresh. No need to stick your fingers into our containers when you’re wishing to apply, our new pumps mean our product remains 100% untouched.


The motion of pushing the product upwards, in an airtight dispenser, also reserves the longevity and freshness of our formula (so you can love our creams longer!) Airless pumps are also known to dispense up to 99% of their contents. What does that means for you? More of our silky smooth skincare for not a single cent more!


We also believe that as a brand founded to celebrate Mother Nature, we should be friendlier to the earth that has given us the incredible ingredients in our range. We’re all about transforming your skin to the best and healthiest it can be, our new airless pumps are recyclable meaning they can help transform the planet too.

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