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Is your exfoliant messing with marine life?

A regular exfoliation sesh is crucial for seriously glowing skin. The problem? the microbeads in the exfoliant you’re using for the health of your skin isn’t healthy for our marine life at all. For something so teeny tiny, the potential harm synthetic microbeads can cause to marine environments is huge. In recent years, the microbeads […]

Skin care sins you need to stop right now

A few sneaky beauty sins could be sabotaging your careful organic skin care routine and holding you back from a fresh, beautiful complexion. If you want gorgeous skin, here are a few beauty crimes you need to stop right now.   An addiction to makeup wipes   We all know crashing into bed without removing makeup is a […]

Rosehip Oil’s incredible benefits for skin

Coconut oil isn’t the only oil we’re crazy about here at Kelapa Organics. Organic rosehip oil is definitely worth having on your skin care radar! Add this organic beauty product to your routine and you’ll be in great company; Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow are huge fans of rosehip oil. This incredible oil is super […]

4 organic beauty products for a minimalist skincare routine

10 step, complex beauty routines may work when you have a million hours to spend on skincare every day but realistically, who does? Choosing a select few organic skincare products for a minimalist skincare routine can deliver beautiful results, without the fuss. Let’s take a look at the staple products of a simple, but super […]