Why choose cruelty-free skin care?

Why choose cruelty-free skin care?

Making a beautiful skin care choice doesn’t need to mean putting an innocent animal through a horrific testing process. You may be shocked to know over 115 million animals worldwide, including mice, bunnies, dogs and cats are subjected to cruel testing methods in the name of our beauty regimes. 

For the sake of our gentle friends, here’s why need to make the switch to cruelty-free products. 

What does ‘cruelty-free’ actually mean? 

Cruelty-free relates to animal experimentation and signals whether or not any part of a product has been tested on animals. Opting for cruelty free skin care means no animals have been hurt in the process of the product formulation.

What happens during animal testing

Have you ever looked into the details of animal testing? The types of abusive testing methods lab animals are subjected to in the name of human beauty is seriously confronting.

Global businesses have been built around breeding animals for the primary purpose of lab testing. These gentle creatures don’t have a chance, headed for a ‘life’ of misery and pain in laboratories as soon as they are born.

The results of toxicity and ‘lethal dose’ tests lead to internal organ damage, bleeding ulcers, paralysis, breathing difficulties, convulsions, blindness, coma and death. These tests are crude, cruel and unnecessary.

Why animal testing isn’t actually necessary

Unsurprisingly, many skin care companies, even some organic skin care brands, aren’t completely transparent about how their products are formulated. With murky supply chain information, it can be difficult to know exactly how each ingredient is sourced or if animal testing has been part of the process. One thing we do know, however, is animal testing for the sake of beauty products isn’t even necessary.

Skin care companies have their pick of thousands, literally, thousands of ingredients that have already been approved safe for human use. Opting to formulate products from this list of safe ingredients means animal testing is completely redundant. Any skin care company continuing to abuse animals in the name of testing is doing so unnecessarily. 

More sophisticated methods that don’t involve hurting animals have been developed to test the human reaction to new ingredients. These methods, including in vitro testing and computer modelling, have also been found to be more accurate in gauging the reaction in humans than tests involving animals.

Cruelty-free products are (usually!) healthier for you

Do you really need more reasons to choose cruelty-free than speaking up for our gentle friends hurt by testing? We think not! But there are bonuses that come with opting for ethical and organic skin care; products free from animal testing are likely to be healthier for your skin too! In many cases, cruelty-free brands usually take a holistic approach to their ethical beliefs, they don’t just avoid testing on animals, their products are likely to be plant-based and contain less, if any, toxic ingredients. Cruelty-free organic skin care; it’s better for your skin, better for animals, better for the planet.

Our team at Kelapa Organics are animals lovers; of all creatures great and small and all our products are proudly cruelty-free.

Choosing to make our organic skin care range cruelty-free was really a no-brainer. We believe in healthy, plant-powered skin care that lets our gentle animal friends live a pain and fear free life that we’re all entitled to.

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