Why buy Australian Made?

Why buy Australian Made?

For more than three decades, the iconic Australian Made logo has been a trusted symbol for genuine Aussie products and produce.

When it comes to skin care, quality and trust are everything if you truly care about what you’re putting into your body. With a skin care marketplace chock full of options, Australian Made helps you stock your bathroom shelves with homegrown Aussies products.  Here's why we at Kelapa Organics are all for it!

Strict standards and safety rules apply

Under Australian Consumer Law (ACL) suppliers and manufacturers of  Australian made organic skin care products are legally required to meet strict product safety requirements and standards. Businesses that manufacture Aussie made products must use sufficient quality control measures to make sure the product meets the strict, mandatory levels of safety and won’t cause any harm when used in a reasonable way.

A quick tip here; when using skin care products for the first time, organic skin care products or not, always make a patch test first. This will identify if you react badly to a product or ingredient that’s been approved safe for use in general. This includes natural ingredients!

Keeps the economy plugging along

Choosing an Australian made organic skin care product helps keep Aussies in their jobs, supporting our growers and those working in jobs along the manufacturing and retail process. Buying Australian made also keeps trade skills, technological know-how and associated service knowledge here in Australia, helping boost opportunities for the next generation of workers and business owners. When shopping for organic skin care products, do your bit for our economy by spending cash on products made by Aussie businesses right here in our own backyard.

Free of exploitation

When a product is fully or partially produced overseas, it can become one long murky supply chain and the consumer can’t be sure how the workers involved in the process were treated.

Exploitation, minuscule wages and gruelling conditions are daily challenges for workers in many factories where products are manufactured offshore. Australian made products mean workers involved in the process are protected by the Fair Work Commission when it comes to conditions and wages.

Kinder to the environment

Keeping it local is better for the environment too. Ingredients and products made DownUnder eliminate the extra energy and resources it takes to bring them in from somewhere else around the globe. Not needing to lug ingredients and products halfway around the world means less waste and fewer greenhouse emissions. A definite win when it comes to reducing how much we impact our environment.

It’s clear now more than ever, Aussies are making more conscious purchasing decisions; often based on how a product was made and who was involved. We’re happy to say all the products in our Kelapa Organic range are Australian made and crafted with superb natural ingredients that truly deliver results.  

We're a family run business from Melbourne, Australia with a great love for this stunning country and knowing our products are truly homegrown makes us incredibly proud!

For more info about what Australian made means, check out Australian Made.

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