Skin care sins you need to stop right now

Skin care sins you need to stop right now

 A few sneaky beauty sins could be sabotaging your careful organic skin care routine and holding you back from a fresh, beautiful complexion. If you want gorgeous skin, here are a few beauty crimes you need to stop right now.

An addiction to makeup wipes  
We all know crashing into bed without removing makeup is a big no-no. Makeup wipes might seem like the answer and occasionally using a wipe isn’t a bad thing, especially after a big night out. However, if you’re relying on wipes as part of your daily routine, it’s likely you’ll experience more skin problems in the long run - breakouts, blotchy skin tone, blocked pores and heightened sensitivity. Wipes leave a residue on your skin that’s likely packed with alcohol and other skin irritating ingredients. Using a wipe and not washing your face afterwards means you’ll be sleeping with your skin covered in the residue which leads to those nasty skin troubles.
The best option, no matter how tired you are or how hard you’ve partied, is to cleanse properly to remove makeup before bed.

Taking long, hot showers
A long, hot shower can be seriously blissful, especially during the cooler months. The bad news is showering with the temp turned right up isn’t doing your skin any favours. The delicate balance of the skin gets messed up in extreme temperatures and too much heat makes your skin drier than the Sahara. The skin stresses caused by hot water include inflammation, itchiness and broken capillaries.

Skipping SPF in your skin care routine
The ultimate skin sin; not including sunscreen or an SPF moisturiser in your routine. No one is immune to the ageing effects of the sun and using SPF isn’t a maybe, it’s a must.

Most of the signs of ageing you see on your face are caused by sun exposure. UV rays are responsible for a bunch of skin issues we’d all like to avoid; wrinkles, sun spots, pigmentation and reduced skin elasticity. Not all SPF products are created equal and we recommend sticking with organic skin care  options when it comes to slathering on the sun protection.

Using dirty makeup brushes
This is a big deal. Dirty makeup products can wreak havoc on skin, no matter how rigorous you are in following a careful organic skin care routine. Unclean makeup tools can erase all your hard work causing bacterial infections, breakouts and clogged pores.
When you use a makeup brush, it’s basically mopping up everything clinging to your skin; like dead skin cells, oil and dust. Not cleaning the brushes means all this gunk stays on the brush and is wiped all over your face the next time you apply makeup. Yikes!  

Not using moisturiser because you have oily skin
Skipping the moisturiser because you have oily skin and want to avoid creating more oil is actually making the problem worse.

It’s understandable to think moisturising oily skin will increase breakouts or acne but in fact, the opposite is true. Cleansing without hydrating the skin afterwards will cause the skin to dry out temporarily and in turn produce more oil to compensate. It’s a vicious, oily cycle!

Instead, choose the right moisturiser to add to your organic skin care routine and face the hit of moisture it truly needs after cleansing.
Are you guilty of any of these skin care sins?

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