4 Winter Skincare Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

4 Winter Skincare Mistakes You Don't Want To Make

There’s a lot to love about the cooler weather; making the most of cute beanies and scarves, rocking boots and cosy nights indoors...but it isn’t all hot chocolatey goodness. Your skin will take a real hit in cold weather - think dry, cracked and sensitive complexions - if you make these common winter skincare mistakes.

Mistake #1 - Not changing your moisturiser

Even oily skin can become dehydrated in cold weather and one of the most common mistakes is not switching up your moisturiser. The lighter moisturisers that were perfect for summer won’t cut it for winter skin; the air is dry at this time of year which leads to loss of hydration for all skin types, not just dry ones.

Choose an oil-based organic moisturiser or a facial oil over a water-based moisturising lotion as this will help lock those important hydrating oils into your skin. 

Don’t wait too long to after cleansing or getting out of the shower to apply moisturiser. Your skin is a little like a sponge, it actually absorbs best when it’s a little damp to start with rather than bone dry.

Mistake #2 - Skipping the sunscreen

The golden rule of skincare? Sunscreen. Always.

No matter the season or how cloudy the day including sun protection in your daily routine is a must! It’s easy to let your commitment to sunscreen slide as the warm days disappear but UVA and UV rays are out in winter too.

These rays are both damaging to skin but in different ways; UVA impacts the deeper layers of the skin, causing damage to college and weakening elastin of the skin which leads to more fine lines and wrinkles. UVB, on the other hand, is responsible for sunburn and peeling dry skin that can catch you out on those bright but cold days.

Mistake #3 - Not exfoliating

When we don’t exfoliate regularly, dead skin cells build up on the skin’s surface and in winter the cold air and dry indoor heating causes cells to dry out and flake off quicker.

Regular exfoliation helps increase skin cell turnover, brightens and smooths skin’s appearance and helps other products like moisturisers and serums penetrate more deeply into the skin; maximising their benefits.

Don’t forget about your arms and legs too. They might be hiding underneath longer clothing but they need attention in winter too for this very reason. When your skin is under all your winter woollies it needs exfoliation more than ever - those layers trap in dead cells and bacteria and unlike summer when your arms and pins are on display, it’s easy to forget!

Mistake #4 - Using the wrong cleanser

One of the biggest dry skin culprits - in summer or winter - are bubbly, soapy cleansers. These types of cleansers can strip skin of its natural oils that keep skin healthy and hydrated and usually contain alcohol and chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphate which does more to damage skin than nourish it. Products with synthetic fragrances are also more likely to irritate skin that has become more sensitive due to the cooler weather.

Stick with a natural cleanser free from sulphates and other toxic chemicals to gently remove makeup and dirt without stripping the skin.

Kelapa is excited to bring you a range of natural skincare products. Free from harmful toxins, our Australian made organic skin care products are also cruelty-free.

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