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Rosehip Oil’s incredible benefits for skin

Coconut oil isn’t the only oil we’re crazy about here at Kelapa Organics. Organic rosehip oil is definitely worth having on your skin care radar! Add this organic beauty product to your routine and you’ll be in great company; Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow are huge fans of rosehip oil. This incredible oil is super […]

4 organic beauty products for a minimalist skincare routine

10 step, complex beauty routines may work when you have a million hours to spend on skincare every day but realistically, who does? Choosing a select few organic skincare products for a minimalist skincare routine can deliver beautiful results, without the fuss. Let’s take a look at the staple products of a simple, but super […]

All the beauty of a rose, without the thorns

While roses are often revered for their beauty, it’s their thorns that leave many unimpressed. Similarly body scrubs are hailed for keeping the skin looking beautiful, but it’s their harsh formulations that can leave skin stressed. Exfoliation is an important step to include in your skincare regime. Contributing to the health of your skin year […]

The choice to be certified

Organic, much like the terms ‘natural’ or ‘raw’, has become a buzzword adopted by marketing and social media that’s regretfully lost it’s meaning. What it means to be organic –pure, concentrated and untouched – is now as diluted as the many skincare brands claiming its attributes. How do you know whether the skincare brand you’re using is truly organic? You choose a certified organic brand […]