Kelapa Organics was originally created by Glenyce, Mother to Adam the Founder of Kelapa. Glenyce has a real life passion for helping people combined with a passion for nature. When Adam had skin problems which even dermatologists could not help he turned to Glenyce for help.

Glenyce used her lifelong knowledge of natural medicine and known benefits of coconut oil and incorporated this into a beautiful natural skincare range. Kelapa Organics was born.

Now with a full skin and hair care range, Kelapa provides a healthy and natural alternative to products which are chemical and synthetic based.  We believe in minimal organic ingredients having maximum effectiveness is far better than complex formulas with a long list of ingredients that are derived from questionable sources.

Kelapa is still a family-owned company with our offices and manufacturing taking place in the beautiful city of Melbourne.

We hope you help us grow the organic movement and spread the word about clean beauty.

Inspired by mother nature, created with love.